Our Services


SEHD can be commissioned to provide a range of services to the media, academics, general public. These include:

Information Packages 

SEHD can provide information packages through its documentation library on a requested topic. Topics include elections and election observation, forestry, indigenous peoples, international financial institutions (IFIs), NGO-business partnerships, tea industry and tea workers, sex workers, climate change, excluded communities, organic farming, etc. For more information or to request an information pack, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


SEHD has expertise in conducting training sessions and can be hired to do so. The main area in which SEHD conducts training is journalism on human rights and environmental issues, particularly in the area of investigative reporting.

Commissioned Publications and Consultancy

SEHD can be commissioned to produce reports, books, research and documentaries on any of its areas of expertise. Such areas are elections, journalism, Adivasis, environment, forests, shrimp aquaculture etc.

SEHD can also be commissioned to edit and publish books and reports, as well as consult on areas in which it works.