Volunteers and Interns


SEHD welcomes both international and local volunteers and interns to its office in Dhaka and to field locations where it works. People from different fields and countries have volunteered and interned with SEHD in the past, helping in a number of areas such as research, writing, translation, editing, information technology and capacity building.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your expertise and availability if you would like to help us.

Here are some of the stories of past volunteers who have worked with SEHD:

Ms. Jemma Harding, Australian Youth Ambassador for Development, Brisbane (Australia): Jemma was a volunteer at SEHD, during her time she helped SEHD with its IT capabilities, including redeveloping the website and setting up an e-newsletter.

Ms. Amy Koenig, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA): Amy lived and worked in Dhaka and Garo villages (Pirgachha, Rajghati and Chunia in particular) in the Modhupur sal forest area. She completed research into and produced reports on sustainable and organic agriculture in forest villages. She also prepared a plant species list for the Modhupur forest and forest villages, a crop guide, descriptions of common pesticides, and suggestions for future directions with regard to ecological farming.

Ms. Aneeka Malik, University of Toronto, Scarborough (Canada): Aneeka worked with SEHD for three months. During her assignment, she helped in editing, translating and preparing content for a book on the ethnic communities of Bangladesh and a survey report on shrimp fry collection.

Mr. Alex Dodson, University of Texas, Austin (USA): Alex spent his time with SEHD researching and writing articles on the lives and livelihoods of ethnic communities of Bangladesh. He also assisted with English language editing.

Ms. Asfara Ahmed, Independent University, Dhaka (Bangladesh): Over six weeks, Asfara investigated and analysed the environmental concerns related to pulp and the paper industry in Bangladesh. She also assisted in gathering information on climate change in Bangladesh. Her work on environmental pollution in the pulp and paper industry will be published in a book.