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Convention on Land, Forest and Social Rights of the Marginal & Excluded Communities held

Four organisations—Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD), Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC), Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) and Gram Bikash Kendra (GBK)—organised a 2-day convention on 16-17 November 2017 at RDRS premises in Rangpur on Land, Forest and Social Rights of the Marginal & Excluded Communities. Report

Citizen Declaration and Recommendations Regarding the Rights of the Chaks

24june 2011

This citizen declaration and recommendations regarding the rights of the Chaks was adopted at the launching of photography exhibition and seminar, “Ambushed by Greed: The Chak Story” held at Drik Gallery, Dhaka on 23 June 2011.


The Last of the Chaks

Chak woman

[30 Jan 2011]
The Chaks of Baishari are a tiny community, the existence of which is being threatened by encroachment of their land to grow rubber and tobacco, in the name of development.


To preserve our diversity, we must recognize it first

How SEHD and its partners brought together far-flung communities under one roof at their Rangpur Convention, giving voice to challenges of marginality and exclusion.

The marginal and excluded people of Bangladesh—approximately eight million—are among the poorest of the poor. While Bangladesh has made commendable progress on many fronts, the twin problems of marginalization and exclusion continue to haunt a wide range of ethnic minorities, particularly from the plains land and other excluded group.


An eviction decree, its execution, and the fate of seven Mahle families

It is like a scene of war-time devastation in a tiny Mahle village, Pachandor, in Tanor upazila (Rajshahi). Houses with thick mud walls and corrugated tin roofs have been leveled to the ground.


Fire Accident at Garments Factory Kills 31

15 dec 2010

In the latest fire accident on 14 December 2010 at a garments factory close to the capital Dhaka 31 workers got killed. The killed are all women and workers of Ha-Meem Group's Sportswear Factory, located in Ashulia, an industrial zone just on the outskirts of the capital.


Bangladesh: Most Densely Populated Country with 164.4 Million People

8 dec 2010

The population of Bangladesh has reached a staggering high stage, 164.4 million in a landmass of 147,570 sq. km or 56,977 sq. miles, the size of Iowa (IA) in the United States. There is no doubt this puts Bangladesh among the most densely populated countries in the world, with 2,885 people living per square mile (1114 per sq. km).


Justice Haibibur Rahman on Speedy Supply of Energy and Power Bill 2010

19oct 2010

Former Chief Justice and Chief Advisor of the caretaker government Habibur Rahman's critique on the “Speedy Supply of Power and Energy (Special Provision) Bill, 2010” that was passed by the parliament on 3 October 2010. The law provides egalitarian authority to the government to take quick and effective actions for exploration, supply, distribution, transmission, transportation, and marketing of power and energy.


Presidential Pardon of 20 of Prisoners on Death Row

20 sept 2010

On 7 September 2010, President Zillur Rahman pardoned 20 prisoners who had been sentenced to death. Amnesty International (AI) took this occasion to argue for the pardon of the over 1,000 prisoners remaining on death row in Bangladesh.


New Minimum Wage for Bangladeshi Garment Workers

15 aug 2010

The Minimum Wage Board, a Bangladesh Government institution that oversees the wages of industrial workers, announced on 29 July 2010 that the monthly minimum wage (at entry level) for workers in the readymade garments industry (RMG) would be raised from Tk.1,662.50 (in effect since November 2006) to Tk.3,000. This breaks down to Tk.2,000 for basic needs, Tk.800 for rent, and a medical allowance of Tk.200 and is effective as of as of 1 November 2010.