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Adivasis and Forests

Bangladesh: Land, Forest and Forest People (3rd edition)

Bangladesh is amazingly green. However, at the same time, it is a forest-poor country. Officially, 18% of the country (2.6 million hectares) is public forestland.
2013, English 284 pages(3rd edition), Paperback
Tk.300 / US$15


The Chaks: Life on the Fringe

The Chaks: Life on the Fringe (Chak: Pranter Jibon) contains findings of a baseline survey on the socio-economic conditions of the entire Chak community and also facts, anecdotes, and qualitative information.
2011, English 88 pages and Bangla 80 pages, Paperback
Tk.150 / US$5


Survival on the Fringe: Adivasis of Bangladesh

Adivasis of Bangladesh Cover

A map of various Adivasi communities of Bangladesh, their life, rights, lands, the actors involved in their situation and recommendations.
2011, English, 630 pages, Hardback 
Tk.1,500 / US$25


On the Margins: Images of Tea Workers and Ethnic Communities

Edited by Philip Gain
English, PBK 232 Pages, 2016
Price: Taka 1000, US$20

“On the Margins: Images of Tea Workers and Ethnic Communities” documents life, culture and diversity in Bangladesh’s tea workers and little-known ethnic communities. It gives readers a rare glimpse into the fascinating lives of Bangladesh’s invisible and often forgotten ethnic communities. The book transports us through the tea gardens of Sylhet to the plains of the Northwest and North-centre to the lush forests of the Chittagong hill tracts. It is, at its core, a vibrant andcolourful celebration of Bangladesh’s geography and unacknowledged cultural diversity.


Investigative Reports: Environment and Human Rights

Investigative Reports: Environment and Human Rights Cover

A compilation of selected investigative and interpretative reports on various environment and human rights issues.
2009, English, 438 pages, Paperback
2008, Bangla (Anushandhani Report: Paribesh O Manobadhikar), 418 pages, Paperback

Tk.500 / US$20 


Lower Depths: Little-Known Ethnic Communities of Bangladesh

Edited by Philip Gain
English PBK, 220 pages, 2016
Price: Tk. 400 US$15

In the latest government record (2010), the number of the ethnic communities in Bangladesh was 27 (duplications considered, their actual number is 24). The ethnic communities themselves estimate the number of their communities to be more than 45. Of thesecommunities 11 live in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). In its recent (2014-2015) inventory, the Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD) has estimated the number of the ethnic communities outside the tea gardens and the CHT to be 37 in addition to those on the official records. These communities are concentrated basically in 25 districts of the Northwest, North-centreand Northeast.


Culture of Adivasis in Bangladesh

Culture of Adivasis in Bangladesh

The cultural movement of the Adivasis of Bangladesh, their languages, politics and their influence on the majority.
2008, English, 149 pages, Paperback
Tk.300 / US$10
2007, Bangla (Bangladesher Khudra Jatishattar Sangskriti), 158 pages, Paperback
Tk.200 / US$10


Excluded Groups and Democratization

By Philip GainEnglish,
PBK 80 pages, 2015
Price: Tk. 150 US$5

Economic progress that Bangladesh has made in recent times is well appreciated around the world. The extreme poverty has also significantly decreased. Yet there are socially and economically excluded groups of people for their identity, captive situation, and various other reasons. Many of these excluded groups live on the fringe of the country, deprived of equal opportunities and facing wide-ranging social, economic and political problems.



Buna cover

Survey of various ethnic communities and a description of their lifestyle, beliefs, social system etc.
2008, Bangla, 73 pages, Paperback 
Tk.150 / US$10


Koch of Modhupur: A Demographic and Socioeconomic Survey of a Marginal Ethnic Community

By Sabrina Miti Gain and Raiyana Rahman with Philip Gain
English, PBK 44 pages, 2015
Price: BDT 150, US$5

Koch iswell-known ethnic community of Bangladesh heavily assimilated into the majority Bangalee community. The 1991 population census enumerated the Koch at 16,5676 in the entire country though no segregated data at theupazila level was presented. A large percentage of Kshatriya population in nine Northwestern districts who seek their identity in the Kochpeople, remain invisible and unaccounted for as Koch.