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Shores of Tear

Together with the Sundarbans, the world’s largest contiguous mangrove forest, the coast of Bangladesh is one of the top wonders in nature.
2013, English, 134 pages, Paperback 
Tk.200 / US$5


Water and Food Security in Bangladesh: Local Contexts, Strategies and Actions

Water Food Security Bangladesh cover

Introducing the Bangladesh Water and Food Security Partnership coalition, its members and activities.
2010, English, 66 pages, Paperback 
Tk.100 / US$3


Stolen Forests

Stolen Forests Cover

Images and a critique on the state of the forests in Bangladesh.
2006, English, 216 pages, Hardback 
Tk.1,500 | US$25


Shrimp Fry Collection and Its Trade

Shrimp Fry Collection and Its Trade Cover

A survey on shrimp fry collectors in Cox's Bazar, Bhola, Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira of Bangladesh.
2005, English, 57 pages, Paperback 
Tk.150 / US$5


Bangladesh Environment: Facing the 21st Century

Bangladesh Environment Facing the 21st Century Cover

Reports, background and analysis on important environmental issues in Bangladesh.
2002 (2nd edition), English, 341 pages, Hardback
Tk.600 / US$20


The Last Forests of Bangladesh

Last Forests of Bangladesh Cover

Factors that have lead to the deforestation of huge parts of Bangladesh forests, the role of various actors and the impact on the forest people.
2002 (2nd Edition), English, 224 pages, Paperback
Tk.350 / US$15


Leather Industry: Environmental Pollution and Mitigation Measures

Leather Industry Environmental Pollution Cover

The environmental impacts of the leather industry in Bangladesh.
1998, English and Bangla, 68 pages, Paperback 
Tk.100 / US$5


Energy Challenges and Phulbari Crisis

Edited by Philip Gain
English, PBK 242 pages, 2013
Price: Tk.300, US$15

A 240-page compendium, “Energy Challenges and Phulbari Crisis” intended for the laity in the first place, is an outcome of SEHD’s investigation and involvement into the controversial Phulbari open-cut coalmine. The aggressive approaches of the Bangladesh government and that of an arrogant British company [Asia Energy that changed its name to Global Coal Management PLC] for an open-cutcoalminecauseduproaramong the local people in the Phulbari mine area in Dinajpur district, Northwest of Bangladesh. We are convinced that the local people in the mine area had good reasons to stand strong against the open-cut coalmine and say, “We do not want coal mine”


Survey Report on Commercial Fuelwood Plantation in Modhupur Forest

No cover

An impact assessment survey of commercial fuelwood plantations in Modhupur forest.
1994, English, 74 pages, Photocopy 
Tk.150 / US$6


The Environmental Impacts of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Bangladesh

By Asfara Ahmed
English, PBK 44 pages, 2013
Price: Tk.100, US$5

This monograph provides a helpful overview of the pulp and paper industry in Bangladesh and its environmental impacts. It was produced as part of SEHD's research and investigation into the major ecological issues in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, a region which is of special interest to SEHD. This report is the first of its kind in Bangladesh and sheds light on an industry that receives little academic or media attention.