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Bangla Bhasha, Shahityo O Shangskritik Andolon

Bangla Bhasha, Shahityo O Shangskritik Andolon Cover

The struggles and experiences people went through during the language movement and shows how gradually the language and cultural movement became the base for an independent Bangladesh.
2006, Bangla, 158 pages, Hardback
Tk.300 /  US$15 


Sex-workers in Bangladesh, Livelihood: At What Price?

Sex workes Bangladesh cover

Various aspects and issues of sex work in Bangladesh including social exclusion, extreme violence, exploitation and deprivation.
2004, English, 276 pages, Paperback, Tk. 300 / US$15
2000, Bangla (Bangladeshe Jounata Bikri: Jiboner Dame Kena Jibika), 213 pages, Hardback, Tk. 200 / US$10


A Guide to NGO-Business Partnerships

NGO Business Partnership Guide Cover

Information, anecdotes, experiences and practical tips for partnerships between non-government organizations and businesses.
2003, English and Bangla, 66 pages, Paperback
Tk.50 / US$5


The CCHRB Election Observation Report: The Eighth Parliamentary Elections

 Election Observation Report Cover

Information, analysis and insights on the events, legitimacy, violence, fraud and election observation efforts of the eighth parliamentary election.
2002, English, 202 pages,  Paperback 
Tk.200 / US$10


Rohingya Refugee Issue

Rohingyas cover

This report looks at the Rohingya refugees, their situation, the camps as well as the issue of repatriation.
1992, English, 32 pages, Photocopy
Tk.50 / US$2


Shampad,Shampattir Adhikar Ebong Praner Rajniti O Arthoniti

Compiled by Mu. Rahmat Ali
Bangla, PBK 48 pages 1997
Price: Tk.50 US$2

For a long time, the people of Bangladesh have been fighting for their rights of wealth and property and economic freedom. We acquired independence through persistent struggle. Our aspiration from independence was to see every citizen’s socio-economic and political activities spring up within the context of their own culture. But even after 25 years of our independence people’s aspiration has not come to the fruition.

We do not have in hand the account or analysis of what we have achieved, what we have failed to achieve, what is left or remains protected out of what we had and what we are going to lose 25 years since independence. Global politics regardingexporteconomy, intellectual property rights, biodiversity, food security, population, land and indigenous communities is evident. We are evidently involved in this politics, which impacts us.


A Guide to NGO-Business Partnerships

By Q.A. Tahmina and Philip Gain
Prepared and published by Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD) for The Asia Foundation

English and Bangla, PBK 66 pages, 2002
Price: Tk.50 US$5

A Guide to NGO-Business Partnerships
is a guidebook of anecdotes, experiences and practical tips for developing and continuing partnerships between non-governmental organizations and businesses to improve environmental conditions across Asia. The guidebook has emerged from the NGO-Business program, initiated in the mid-1990s, funded by the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) and administered by The Asia Foundation.


Sundarbans Atlas: Bangladesh Forest Compartment Maps and Gazetteer

By Helmut Denzau, Gertrud Neumann-Denzau andPeter Gerngross
English, PBK 172 pages 2015
Price: Tk.450 US$15

The Sundarbans mangrove forest in the Gangetic delta, the largest continuous mangrove forest in the world, is famous for its rich biodiversity with valuable populations of fauna and flora, including the Bengal tigers, Masked finfoots, Ganges- and Irrawaddy dolphins, Northern river terrapins and the endangered Sundari trees. However, the fragile tidal ecosystem is nowadays threatened byrelative sea-level rise, climate change, reduced freshwater inflow, pollution and other man-made problems.